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We're Expanding - please pray with us!

Have you ever found yourself in a crisis that proved to be a matter of life and death? If so, you know what it feels like as your mind raced to find a solution. This is the situation for most of the women who seek help from Redeeming Life. The news of an unexpected pregnancy is enough to send their minds spiraling. Panic-stricken and hopeless, they wonder how they can possibly care for another human being because they can barely take care of themselves. Unable to conceive of an alternative, some of these women consider abortion out of sheer desperation.

This is when Redeeming Life Maternity Home steps in and offers an alternative to help them and save their unborn child. Mothers are offered a safe, secure family-style Christian home to live in throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Redeeming Life offers loving support and guidance regardless of whether they chose to mother their child or place the baby up for adoption. The Lord offered them “a way where there seemed to be no way.” We earnestly seek to do the Lord’s work and help as many women and children as possible while sharing the love of Christ with them.

Earlier this year, Redeeming Life began discussions with the leadership of the LCMS Northern Illinois District (NID) about the possibility of opening a maternity home in the Chicagoland area! After much prayer and many hours of discussion, the expansion team felt that it was time to share the news within the district, search for a host church, and look for a residential property to serve as a maternity home. In mid-September, President Allan Buss of the NID unveiled the expansion project to the Pastors and church congregations in his district in mid-September, asking for both prayer and support for the maternity home to be built in the Chicagoland area.

As you read this exciting news, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to help?” The month of October has been set aside for a Prayer Vigil. We are asking people across this great nation to join us in praying for the Lord’s s supernatural provision and direction throughout the expansion. A short prayer was penned just for this Vigil:

Dear Lord Jesus, you gave everything, even your life that I might live. I Pray that you might use me to touch the lives of the most vulnerable, especially the unborn and their mothers. I ask you to bless those who minister to them. Bless the efforts of Redeeming Life and the Northern Illinois District, its staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers as they prepare to open a maternity home in the Chicago area. Send your Spirit to build up and strengthen them, that their efforts are not in vain. Guide and direct them to the home that you have already chosen and provide all that is needed to serve those who will live there. AMEN

Can we count on you to pray with us as the Lord provides “a way where there seems to be no way” for the single, pregnant women in the Chicago area? We hope you will consider joining us. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Your prayers mean so much to us!

To read more about the expansion project, visit

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