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Mother and a Child



We believe that faith, family, and education are key to living a happy, healthy, hope-filled life. They are the foundational principles of our program for women.


Our residents are encouraged to eat, pray, and study God’s Word together in the maternity home.  They learn to support and forgive one another, and to accept forgiveness.  Redeeming life is more than a maternity home for crisis pregnancy.  It is a place where Jesus comes to renew and restore broken hearts.

Each resident works toward finishing her education and/or obtaining the job skills necessary to support herself and her child. In addition, life skills and parenting classes provide the tools needed to run a household and to discipline in a way that builds confident and loving children.  The residents learn about budgeting and saving to plan for their future.

Each woman meets regularly with a case manager who assists and guides her in reaching her goals. Additionally, up to 8 private mental health counseling sessions are provided to each woman.  

Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries continues to love and support the women through as they move through transitional housing and beyond.

Mom and Son


Hi.  My name is Tori and these are my twin babies, Ava and Ahmad.


Before I came to Redeeming Life, I was living in my car.  I was scared and pregnant and didn't know where to go or what to do.  Redeeming Life gave me a home, stability, and new hope for a better future.


Six months after moving in 2018, my twins were born!  As a single mother, I could not have done it without the love and support of everyone at Redeeming Life.  


While living in Redeeming Life's transition home with my babies, I completed coursework and tests to become a Certified Dental Assistant.  I am working on my internship and I have confidence I will find a good job.  I am so blessed to have God lead me to Redeeming Life!  My children and I are forever grateful.



Before you apply, please spend time learning about our program to determine if Redeeming Life is a good fit for you.

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