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A Redeeming Life Celebration - 3 years in the Making

Lives are changed in an instant sometimes- a lottery win, a car accident, a promotion with relocation, or a positive pregnancy test. At Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, the acceptance of a pregnant mom into our maternity home and program can be one of those life changing moments. It can end homelessness, food scarcity, and fear for physical safety from abuse. Overnight, a young woman can go from living in crisis and terror to a predictable and safe lifestyle.

Yet, so much of the success with our residents is built, fought and won in the everyday moments, in small accomplishments and in single steps on the path toward independence. These courageous women who chose life for their unborn babies make choices each day and those choices shape their lives, for the better.

Title Card: Celebrate with RLOM! Mom and Toddler in front of their brand new apartment.

One resident stands out as a beautiful story of a life deeply changed during her time at RLOM. This young lady came to us as a foreign refugee, having grown up in an orphanage. She arrived in Central Florida pregnant and alone yet found RLOM and was welcomed in. With a grade school education and no job skills, she worked hard to earn her GED while working at a fast food restaurant. This mom diligently followed the RLOM program and managed to save money each month despite her low income.

Her child was born healthy on Christmas Eve and this mom took to motherhood beautifully, seeking to give the baby all that she never had. When her maternity leave was up, she took a job in childcare so she and her little one could be together on their commute and she could check in during the day. While this childcare position was convenient with her new baby boy, it created another obstacle- poverty level earnings. She worked hard and yet at the end of a year in the maternity home, she found she earned so little that she didn’t qualify for most housing despite her savings.

She applied to and was accepted into Redeeming Life’s Transition Home Program. At the transition home she could pay a lower, income-based monthly fee, live in a safe neighborhood and receive continued support from the RLOM ministry. This includes weekly meals and worship, and one-on-one life skills coaching. Here, she continued to work hard and take steps to realize her goals. She took classes and eventually attained her Child Development Associates Certificate and got a raise, which qualified her for more housing opportunities. Her child grew and flourished, she aimed to teach him English & Spanish as well as her native language. She continues to teach him life skills and he is becoming a responsible household member who thoroughly enjoys cleaning with his mother as one of his favorite hobbies!

The small choices she made each day- get to work, study for a new certification, parent this child to develop strength and character, save money- built a changed life for this mom and child. Over the course of three short years, she has saved enough for a fully funded emergency savings account and then some! This sizable nest egg and practice of savings, coupled with her modest salary increase gave her great hope for fully independent living.

The most impactful thing that happened during this resident's time in the Redeeming Life Program was that her son was baptized and she became a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church. By His grace, they know saving faith. Their eternal lives are forever changed. This young woman is deeply faithful to God and continues to prioritize her involvement in her faith community. Her son is a light in the Church and enjoys being involved in all aspects of the worship service.

Now, after three years this brave young woman has graduated from the RLOM program! She found nearby housing that she can be proud of, housing that is safe for both her and her son. For the first time ever they will each have their own bedrooms! As she leaves the RLOM program she is working to gather all of the household essentials her little family will need.*

We thank God for our partners in this life-changing ministry and we invite you to explore our website to learn more and to make a gift. Your partnership enables more lives to be changed with the deep help offered to walk with single moms from pregnancy to self-sufficiency.


* If you feel moved to help this young mom with specific household essentials,


Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries is headquartered in Sanford, Florida where it began in 2013 with a vision and a Christ-centered maternity home to help single moms in crisis pregnancy situations who courageously chose life for their unborn babies. Several years later, RL opened a transition home to allow moms and babies to live in a sheltered environment while continuing to build job skills and complete educational goals before living independently. An expansion into the Chicago area is planned for 2023 with an additional maternity home opening in the northwest suburbs. Redeeming Life’s program offers moms more than just housing with the inclusion of a life skills curriculum, support for education and job skill training, a family-like setting, and the personal and spiritual support to build a successful and independent life.

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