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Your gifts transform the lives of women like Jasmine!

Click on the video to listen to Jasmine describe her experience at Redeeming Life in her own words!

Jasmine moved into the Southward House maternity home in November 2020 during the Pandemic. At first, she protected herself by putting walls up, acting out in rebellion, asserting her independence, and refusing to listen.  It was not an easy beginning.


Once she began Confirmation classes, her curiosity and faith in Jesus began to blossom. In God's time, Jasmine learned to trust. She became eager to learn, ask questions and seek help.


That's when we witnessed her heart change!  Because of your generosity, Jasmine's life has been transformed through Christ!


Your prayers and support make a huge difference in Jasmine's life and the lives of all our residents.

Will you help us continue to share the love of Christ and bring healing, hope and help to more women like Jasmine? 


Your gift is powerful and transformative, no matter the amount.  Thank you for your gift today! 

Traylon Ryker Bowling  Feb 2021.jpg

Jasmine's son, Traylon Ryker, was born on February 10, 2021.  Traylon was Baptized and Jasmine was Confirmed on April 11, 2021.

The Power of Your Gift

$50 provides nutritious food for one mother for 1 week

$75 buys disposable diapers for one baby for 2 weeks

$150 supplies running water for the maternity home for 2 months

$500 pays for gas for resident transportation for 6 months

$1000 provides safe housing for 6 residents for 1 month

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