Your gift helps vulnerable women like "Kay."

Kay sought help from Redeeming Life in August 2020 during Covid-19.  She is a soft-spoken woman who endured a traumatic childhood in Haiti.


Most of the families there place their children in an orphanage to give them a better life - more nutrition, better education, and stable housing. 


Kay's mom made that heart-breaking choice.  Little did she know that her daughter would suffer from sexual abuse at the hands of the Director.


After she was old enough to leave the orphanage, Kay had the courage to expose her abuser.  As a result of this disclosure, she lived in fear because of threats against her life and that of her family.

As a result, Kay lost her homeland and moved to Colorado to begin a new life.  It was there that she found herself with another man who wanted to use and abuse her. 


She fled to Orlando, only to learn that she was pregnant.  That's when she contacted Redeeming Life.

The maternity home offers Kay safety, comfort and stability, and the opportunity to know who God is and what forgiveness looks like.  Kay wants to forgive her abusers and is currently charting a path to get her G.E.D., then a C.N.A., and ultimately become a doctor!

Kay delivered her baby Stephen (pictured below) on Christmas Eve 2020!  On the same day Stephen was Baptized, Kay was confirmed in the Christian faith and has found renewed life in her Lord and Savior.

Your donation to Redeeming Life is the start of hope, healing and renewal for vulnerable young families like Kay and Stephen.  Thank you for your support!

The Power of Your Gift

$35 provides nutritious food for one mother for 1 week

$50 buys disposable diapers for one baby for 2 weeks

$150 supplies running water for the maternity home for 2 months

$500 pays for gas for resident transportation for 6 months

$1,000 provides safe housing for 6 residents for 1 month

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