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A baby bottle campaign is a great opportunity for churches, businesses and civic organizations to provide support to single pregnant mothers.  Your campaign organizers share information about Redeeming Life within the organization, and encourage all members of the team to get involved (congregation, employees, business team members, family members, etc.). 

Campaign organizers can choose to execute the campaign as a virtual campaign (online donations only), traditional campaign (actual baby bottles are distributed to collect spare change and cash donations) or a combination of both. 

Traditional, Local Campaigns

For those organizations within 100-miles of a Redeeming Life location, we are able to be present for your campaign and provide bottles, man an information table, and arrange for a speaker at the kick-off to get things started.  The participants are then given time to fill their bottles with coins, cash or checks, and turn them in by the end-date of your campaign.  A representative from Redeeming Life will arrange to pick-up the filled and unused bottles as the campaign concludes. 

To get started, register to host a local campaign or download materials below.

Virtual baby bottle campaign
Virtual Campaigns

We will create a customized virtual campaign page on behalf of your organization with your logo, introductory language, and custom goal thermometer that will allow you to share the link internally and externally through mass emails, blogs, website, and social media platforms.  Virtual campaigns can be open for a specific period or run indefinitely for the organization to promote and support Redeeming Life regularly throughout the year.

To get started, register to host a virtual campaign or download materials below.

Baby bottle fundraisers amount to thousands of dollars in support of pregnant women in crisis each year.


This is a vital ministry which needs your support!

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