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A Rescue Story

Do you stay tuned to the evening news to catch the latest rescue story and video? Usually captured on cell phones or on security cameras, they can be a little grainy, shot from far away, or even jumpy as the footage was captured in a hectic moment. Yet they are still compelling, whether it is a dog pulling a baby to safety, a car narrowly missing being hit by a train, or a brave passerby performing CPR or lifting a vehicle. We are relieved that someone was rescued. We cheer for the heroism or the happenstance that means someone was saved against all odds. We love a good rescue story.

Psalm 138:7 | "God does not abandon me in my trouble. HE is my RESCUE"

Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, fueled with God’s saving love and many strong supporters is blessed to be part of rescue stories each day. Every moment isn’t as dramatic as pulling someone away from a speeding train or extricating someone from a burning car, but we participate in many everyday moments that, when put together, build rescue stories with our residents.

For a resident who has endured abuse in her relationship with the baby’s father, the dramatic moment of walking away from him and arriving at our maternity house might be the pivotal moment, but it is the days, weeks and months that follow, filled with decisions, discernment and prayers that rescue the mom and her baby. The rescue story is written as she decides to cut off contact with him, despite his begging for another chance. A new chapter begins when she accepts responsibility to keep her baby from being in the abusive situation, even though it is hard and feels lonely. Details of the rescue are added as she puts the baby down for the night and then hits the books for her classes even though she is exhausted having worked a full day. Daily choices become habits and habits build successes, all of which help her prepare to live independently.

This mom learns about faith in Jesus as she attends worship and bible study classes with her mentors and fellow residents. She comes to understand the why behind this ministry, that only the saving love of Jesus can truly rescue us in the here and now and for eternity, and that His love is something that must be shared, especially with those who don’t know that such hope is possible. She sees that rescue from the abuse, neglect, unhealthy lifestyle, and whatever her life has previously taught her, it is possible. She is worthy of rescue by the God who created her and loves her beyond measure.

One of the RLOM residents remarked to her case manager, our Director of Program Ministry, that her whole life she has been looking for a rescuer to get her out of the awful circumstances of her life. First she looked to her step dad, then to a series of boyfriends, finally to the father of her child, but all failed to rescue her. In a quiet moment of clarity while they studied scripture together, this young woman shared that she now sees only God can rescue her. All this time she was seeking rescue and failing to find it, until she turned to God, the One who rescues.

Her rescue story is still being sketched out as she participates in the program at RLOM. She does the hard work, keeping a job and going to school, while caring for her dearly-loved baby. She works to build healthier relationships using new and better relationship skills with others. She digs into God’s word and spends time in prayer and worship. Day by day, her life is changing and her rescue story continues.

For more information about Redeeming Life’s maternity home ministry and how you can help write rescue stories for single pregnant women in crisis, explore our website,, now.


Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries is headquartered in Sanford, Florida where it began in 2013 with a vision and a Christ-centered maternity home to help single moms in crisis pregnancy situations who courageously chose life for their unborn babies. Several years later, RL opened a transition home to allow moms and babies to live in a sheltered environment while continuing to build job skills and complete educational goals before living independently. An expansion into the Chicago area is planned for 2023 with an additional maternity home opening in the northwest suburbs. Redeeming Life’s program offers moms more than just housing with the inclusion of a life skills curriculum, support for education and job skill training, a family-like setting, and the personal and spiritual support to build a successful and independent life.

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