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Transitioning to a New Life!

All the women who apply for residency at the Redeeming Life Maternity Home share one thing in common. They are all pregnant, living in a crisis situation, and have nowhere else to turn for help. Along with the personal decision to choose life for the child now growing within their womb, each woman secretly dreams of providing a better life for themselves and their baby. Unfortunately, the reality of their current circumstances - lives filled with the struggle of day-to-day survival - outweighs any hope of a better tomorrow.

Those offered residency at Redeeming Life Maternity Home are offered an avenue to take their dreams from fantasy to reality. However, it does not come without cost. Each woman must be willing to leave her old life, old ways, and old reasoning processes behind in order to embrace the dramatic changes that will be required to bring about the necessary transformation.

The choice is hers and the cost is great. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

We can liken the transformation process to the life cycle of the butterfly. From the beginning, all the caterpillar knows is a life of crawling. Whether crawling on the ground, up a bush, or in a tree, a caterpillar seems to have nothing more on its mind than finding the next green leaf to eat. Similarly, prior to accepting residency at Redeeming Life, most women’s lives are focused on the bare necessities of life - what they will eat, what they will drink, and where they will sleep.

When a woman accepts residency at Redeeming Life, she leaves the past behind and enters the “cocoon” of the maternity home. Within the safety and security of the maternity home program, the pregnant mom immediately begins working on a solid plan to bring her dream of a better life to fruition. With the help of the Director of Program Ministries, a path to success is formulated and the pregnant mom begins to work the plan. It is during this time that the mom learns the tried-and-true ways taught by Redeeming Life. These include all facets of life from education, work skills, budgeting and finance, childbirth and baby care, the health and safety aspect of housekeeping, to personal life skills. It is also during this time that the women learn that they have a Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who not only loves them, but can be trusted to be with them, and guide them as they make the hard life choices necessary to establish a safe and stable home for their new family.

But just like the caterpillar who finds life within the cocoon different than the life it had before, the pregnant moms experience a gamut of emotions as they transition from a life of chaos to a life of stability. Sometimes life feels confining because the freedom to revert to their old ways is curbed. Sometimes life seems dark and mysterious as foreign, new ways of thinking are introduced. But as long as the mom does not give into her emotions and fears, and abort the “cocoon” of the maternity home program, the new life she has planned awaits her on the other side.

Like the caterpillar who remains in the cocoon until the metamorphosis process is complete, the women who utilize and complete the maternity home program, applying the principles taught, find themselves in a position where they can independently provide for their new family. Like the butterfly, they transition from a pregnant woman in crisis, to a new mom empowered with wings ready to fly.

Redeeming Life is a Christ-centered maternity home that provides a stable environment for single women with unplanned pregnancies. Our structured program provides mentoring, counseling and life skills education to help them become independent and provide for their children as single mothers.

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