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The Next and The Next Generation

Spring 2020 is a time we will not soon forget. It seemed like the world stopped. One minute, one day, one week at a time we were receiving news that could put fear in the heart of even a strong warrior. But instead many of us went into battle anyway. Most of us gathered our supplies, huddled our families, wrapped up loose ends and sat, and waited, and waited.

Almost 2 months into this global pandemic, we are still waiting! What will the Governor say? What will the President say? Do I wear a mask? What if I don’t wear a mask? What about my relatives? I miss my friends, students and hairdresser!

Psalm 130:5 says “I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope!”

How are you doing with the waiting? Have you developed good habits? Are you spending good quality time with your children or spouse that you didn’t find the time for before this great pause? Have you had discussions about important topics? About faith? About trust?

This time can change a generation! While there are many things that seem horrible – death, fear, unemployment; there are many wonderful things happening – compassion, faith, kindness, creativity, togetherness! This may cause some of us to rethink our priorities. It could change our outlook on life. It may remind us of the simple things.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, think about how this may change the next generation. Is there someone you could share your kindness with? Is there a mom out there that could use a little cheering up because she is now at home with 4 kids homeschooling them? She’s not cut out for this – she doesn’t have the confidence or the education.

How we respond to things as individuals and as a community can impact the next generation. What are we modeling? Are we modeling fear, or are we modeling trust? Are we modeling doubt or modeling faith? Our actions, giving, responses in times like these can and will affect the next generation.

We hope you join us as we continue to affect the next generation!

Redeeming Life is a non-profit Maternity Home that affects the next generation by providing a stable home environment for women with unplanned pregnancies. With a guided, structured program we set them up for success so that they too can change the next generation.

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