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What Does a Redeemed Life Look Like?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Redeeming Life Maternity Home in Sanford exists to offer hope and mentoring to single, expectant pregnant women. We offer the opportunity to gain the critical life skills required to become fully independent.

Change occurs with faith, a family environment and education. Our residents receive counseling and help with education and employment planning, financial literacy, cooking, household management and spiritual growth.

Making a life change requires effort from the women living in our home! There are guidelines, goals and expectations when they are accepted into Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries’ program. We provide a comfortable, safe place for the women along with encouragement and motivation for change. This is where peace comes, and growth happens.

Over time these women find out that their unplanned pregnancy does not need to disable them, identify them, or devalue them. Sometimes they come to us uneducated, in debt, desperate, lacking faith, abused and believing they have no other option but to have an abortion.

The women who come through our program live their lives REDEEMED!

Redeemed how?

Redeemed because they learn how to manage their home and finish their education.

Redeemed because they become financially literate.

Redeemed because they are loved by their new family in the maternity home.

Redeemed because they were once thinking of abortion and instead chose life!

Redeemed because they are out of bad relationships.

Redeemed because they learn of their Savior and grow in their faith.

At Redeeming Life, we have seen the success stories of redeemed faith, redeemed reputation, redeemed self-image, redeemed relationships and redeemed women of God!

Children are born, women are married, women become gainfully employed, and families reconcile. We don't always know how things work out for all our residents, but we keep planting seeds within every woman we touch as we share the love of Christ with them. We pray that over time, the seeds are watered and fed, and the love of Christ and the knowledge we shared takes root and then emerges as visible growth in their lives.

Our Redeemer continues to Redeem!

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