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Change, Transition, Transformation...

These are things that many of us try to avoid in our daily lives. But each of these things is a gift from God if we change our perspective.

August was a busy month that brought much change to Redeeming Life. Our amazing Deaconess Liz Borth, who was serving as our Director of Program Ministries in our Sanford, FL location, retired after many years of service. She blessed us and the women and babies we serve in numerous ways. She enriched our program deeply with her wisdom and her heart full of mercy and grace.

Following Deaconess Borth’s retirement, we welcomed our new Director of Program Ministries, Deaconess Alex Shick. Equally a blessing, Deaconess Alex’s arrival marks the beginning of the ministry’s transition to a new perspective and a fresh approach as she eagerly steps into this new role.

Here is what Deaconess Alex says about RLOM:

I fell in love with the ministry of Redeeming Life when I interned here for a short period in the Spring of 2021. I feel so blessed to be back and to be a part of what God is doing through Redeeming Life; for the women we serve, their children, and this community. God is doing incredible things through this ministry, and I am so blessed to be even a small part of that."

So, as we change and transition, God is using this season to ultimately create transformation. He is working in the ministry to bring about His will and blessing. We don’t hold on to things of the past but rejoice in them and look forward with eager anticipation to his rich blessings to come.

These ideas are the seeds of hope that we plant into the hearts of the women who call Redeeming Life home. Change is necessary. Change is hard. Leaving their old ways, old habits, old relationships behind and moving toward transition is daunting. Guiding our residents through this transformation on this side of heaven is our mission.

Teaching them that God is with them and will never leave them is truly transformative. We hear it when she confesses Jesus as Lord. We witness it when she brings her baby to the waters of Holy Baptism. We see it when they reach for the bible in times of trouble.

Redeeming Life is overjoyed by the support we get from people like you - support that makes all this change, transition, and transformation possible in the ministry and in the lives of those we serve together. If you would like more information about our mission, where it started and where it’s going, please visit our website regularly and consider how you may support the work God is doing through Redeeming Life as we grow into a nationwide ministry.

We are so happy with where our mission is going and the changes that are happening within. We look forward to sharing even more amazing changes with you soon!

Redeeming Life is a Christ-centered maternity home that provides a stable environment for single women with unplanned pregnancies. Our structured program provides mentoring, counseling and life skills education to help them become independent and provide for their children as single mothers.

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