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Celebrate LIFE! - Remember today that you are unique and dearly loved!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

I was recently greeted by a happy birthday eCard to my cat from her veterinarian’s office.

I thought that quite unusual as it nowhere near when her birthday would be based on her adoption date. I actually don’t even know exactly when her birthday is. However, it brought a smile and a spontaneous excuse for a celebration and made me stop and think about the gift of life!

How much more so then is there reason to celebrate that the God that created the universe, created each one of His human creatures uniquely and with a purpose for our lives; to love and worship Him, to love and serve one another - and to share His love and good gifts with others and those that don’t yet know Him. So, we too have reason to celebrate today and everyday even if it isn’t our actual birthday either!

January is a month of new beginnings, the birth of a new year with all the wonder and anticipation of what God has in store. We look forward with much anticipation to the beginning of our new maternity home in East Dundee in 2023 and all that God has planned for the precious moms and babies He will bring in just the perfect fullness of time.

God is near to us each day; He never forgets us or even the smallest detail of our daily lives. His love for us never grows old or grows cold – both here on this earth and into eternity in Heaven. What joy and comfort that brings!

So, remember today – you are unique and uniquely born and gifted with an eternal purpose in mind. You are special to God, a gift to be celebrated! And we are special to one another as members of God’s family. There is no one exactly like you in the whole universe! So today in the midst of the busyness and sometimes challenges of whatever the day has in store, take a moment to thank God, kick back, celebrate the gifts of life and eternal life - and enjoy the celebration!

Redeeming Life was founded in Sanford, FL to offer a Christ-centered maternity home for single mothers in crisis pregnancy situations who choose life for their babies. RLOM provides a safe and secure place to live, programming to learn life skills for independent living, and an opportunity to grow in faith with our Savior. The home is run by a deaconess and a house mom trained in leading women. RLOM added a transition home in Florida for women to practice the skills for successful independent living with support from the ministry.

In 2023, RLOM will open its second maternity home in suburban Chicagoland’s East Dundee, Illinois. Each location partners with a local LCMS church to provide a family of faith for the residents and staff. Future plans include opening new maternity homes throughout the United States.

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