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A Boy or a Girl?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Redeeming Life Maternity Home celebrates a lot of milestones with our residents - whether it's the new arrival of a woman to be part of the program, earning a certificate, finishing a class, getting a new job or car, celebrating a baptism or confirmation... there is just so much to celebrate along the way in this journey the residents share with us. 

Some of our favorite celebrations are, not surprisingly, BABY celebrations!  We really love to celebrate baby news!  Due dates, gender reveals, birth-days and baptisms!  It fills the house with JOY! And we're going to spread that joy around and share that news with YOU!

Most or our moms are anxious to learn the sex of their baby, but initially Redeeming Life Maternity Home resident, Tori, didn’t want to know.  After waiting for a while, she planned a surprise Reveal Party for herself, her family and her friends to reveal whether her baby was a boy or a girl.  As the date of the party approached, everyone was so excited, friends were trying to decide for themselves -- boy or girl? 

But, just before the planned surprise Reveal Party invitations reached their destinations, Tori was given a special surprise during a doctor visit -- TWINS!  Redeeming Life has been blessed with more than a dozen baby birth days, but never have we been blessed with TWINS!! 

Now the excitement of the upcoming Reveal Party was doubled.  Are they boys, girls, or one of each?  Drum roll, please………

Tori opens the box wondering if blue or pink balloons will float out…..and……BOTH! 

Redeeming Life Maternity Home will soon have the double delight of infant birth when brother and sister arrive.  JOY fills our RLOM house and home!  Thanks for being part of this journey with us!

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