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The Blessings of Baby Bottes: $33K

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Would you believe that collecting change in a baby bottle could amount to $32,749.64?  It can!

Thanks to the efforts of eleven faithful churches participating in an annual Baby Bottle Campaign, Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries is the thankful recipient of nearly $33K to support its annual ministry budget! THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, to our 2017 Baby Bottle Fundraising Partners:

  • Woodlands Lutheran, Montverde

  • Trinity Downtown, Orlando

  • St. Luke’s, Oviedo

  • Grace Lutheran, Naples

  • Prince of Peace, Orlando

  • Faith Lutheran, Punta Gorda

  • Christ the King, Riverview

  • Christ Lutheran, Brooksville

  • Lakeside Lutheran, Venice

  • Abiding Savior, Gainesville

  • Oak Forest Lutheran, Spring Hill

What is a Baby Bottle campaign?  

Your church, business, small office, or even your family, can participate as a  Baby Bottle Fundraising Partner with RLOM.  Each year, a Partner Team makes a commitment to collect spare change, small bills or a small donation in baby bottles that are distributed to all members of a team (congregation, business office team members, family members, etc). 

Each participant keeps their baby bottle in their car, on their desk or wherever you find spare change.  RLOM will provide you with bottles, promotional materials, an option to have someone come and speak at the campaign kick-off to get things started.  Your team, however large or small, then spends the next month or so putting your loose coins or small bills into your baby bottles and will turn them in at the end-date of your campaign (Some teams choose special dates as kick-off and end dates, for example, Mother's Day kick-off and Father's Day end-date). A representative from RLOM will arrange for a pick-up of the bottles and will count the contribution and let you know what your grand total donation was! 

It's that simple - and can amount to thousands of dollars to fund outreach to support pregnant women in crisis in the Central Florida area!  This is a vital ministry which needs your support!

Become a Fundraising Partner!

We'd love to make you a RLOM Fundraising Partner!  Call us at (407) 790-9745 or email to set up your Baby Bottle Campaign.  It's so simple -- your loose change for a PRICELESS reward  -- an opportunity like no other for a mother and baby in great need.


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