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Veronica: A Story of Redemption Through Grace

When Veronica first came to Redeeming Life Maternity Home, her story resembled many others who had passed through the doors. She had recently been released from an alcohol rehab center, was several months pregnant, and had no family or support to turn to. Yet that is where the similarities ended. Veronica arrived at the home with a dogged determination to do whatever it took to turn her life around. Having experienced firsthand the destruction alcoholism wreaks on a person’s life , Veronica knew with God’s help she could beat this thing and be the best mom ever to the little guy growing within her womb.

As the days passed quickly into weeks, Veronica was an exemplary resident in the maternity home, many times going above and beyond that which was asked or required of her.

When the set time was come, Veronica delivered a happy, healthy baby boy.

Should the story have ended there, we would have all agreed that Veronica was indeed the poster child, exemplifying the mission, purpose, and the desired outcome of the maternity home ministry. Two lives, destined for the destruction alcoholism causes, had been redeemed by the Hands of the Lord.

Instead, life marched on with the struggles and frustrations experienced by all new single moms. When the pressure grew too great, Veronica had what they call in Alcoholics Anonymous “a slip”, and Veronica resorted to the self-medication of alcohol to cover up the pain. Veronica’s one night slip resulted in her being arrested, her baby being taken into protective custody, and the life she had worked so hard to establish crumbling out of control before her eyes.

The following morning, after being bailed out by her only living relative, Veronica appeared at the door of the maternity home, humbled, repentant, and shattered. She knew that she had broken not only the ZERO TOLERANCE RULE of no alcohol but the trust of those who had walked beside her all those months. Knowing that she deserved to be dismissed from the program, she came to collect her things and begin, one more time, to start over. By all rights, Veronica was correct. She had violated the cardinal of all rules and if the leadership of Redeeming Life followed protocol, Veronica would need to be dismissed.

But the Lord had other plans. Filling Sheryl and Deaconess Liz with His Love, Compassion, Mercy, and Grace, the team opted to give Veronica another chance. Under the strictest of guidelines, Veronica was given the opportunity to work to hand -in -hand with Deaconess Liz and the Department of Children and Families to get custody of her baby again. After almost a year of separation and jumping through the required hoops of the Parent/ Child Reunification Plan, Veronica was united once again with her child.

Veronica moved from our maternity program to our traditional housing program and continued working to make a life for her and her son. It was during this time that Veronica approached Pastor Ed and Sheryl about hosting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at the church. With Veronica as host, meetings began and continue to this day. Veronica has also since married, had another child, and her and her husband have recently purchased their first home.

What a beautiful story of redemption. The Lord did not give Veronica what she deserved the night of “the slip." Instead, He saw her humbled, repentant, shattered heart. Instead of the Letter of the Law, He showed her Mercy. He used the “mother’s heart” of both Sheryl and Deaconess Liz to physically hold and forgive Veronica. Then, He held to His Promise to “never leave or forsake” Veronica by leading and guiding her through the consequences of her actions. Oh the Love and Mercy the Father extends to his children when they run to Him.

Redeeming Life is a Christ-centered maternity home that provides a stable environment for single women with unplanned pregnancies. Our structured program provides mentoring, counseling and life skills education to help them become independent and provide for their children as single mothers.

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