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We are redeeming the lives of women and babies with a new maternity home in Chicagoland in 2021


Redeeming Life is excited to announce its new maternity home location in Carpentersville, Illinois!  


The site for the new home is a parsonage on the property of Faith Lutheran Church in Carpentersville.  The parsonage has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and needs renovations to make it ready to serve as a maternity home.  We are currently waiting on approvals and permits from the Village of Carpentersville before renovations may begin.

To learn more about why this new home is critical to support life in Chicagoland right now, click here.

Video:  Inside Carpentersville Home
Carpentersville Maternity Home

Video Segments

0:01    Introduction

1:20    The surrounding property

2:38    Overview of the home

3:02    Kitchen, dining, living room, 4 bedrooms & bathroom

4:38    Basement, outside entrance, laundry room and bath

Volunteer Groups Needed!

Before home renovations begin, we are gathering names and contact information from volunteer groups who are interested in donating their time to help.

If you have a group of volunteers at your church or organization that would like to help, please complete the form in this link.

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Immanuel Lutheran is under the leadership of Pastor Bill Yonker and is a thriving congregation with many opportunities for our residents to learn about Jesus and serve Him.  We believe Immanuel will make a lovely and welcoming church family.  Immanuel’s role is that of spiritual support by providing opportunities for worship and Bible study and to simply love and accept the residents as God’s children, dearly loved by Christ.

The host congregation has no operational role in the home.  Under the supervision of Sheryl DeWitt, Executive Director, Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries Inc., the home will be operated by local staff.  Financial support will come from the congregations and individuals who have a heart for preserving life through the mission and ministry of Redeeming Life’s maternity home ministry.  We encourage and invite every congregation to invest in this positive, pro-life ministry. 

Read more about this history of this project and how this partnership began. 



In 2017, an analysis showed that Illinois had 90 abortion-providing facilities.  Additionally, Illinois has some of the most aggressive abortion laws in the country!  The need for a Lutheran maternity home program has never been greater.  Our goal is to redeem the lives of single mothers and their unborn children by providing hope, love and a future as we share the Gospel of Christ.

Important facts about abortion in Illinois
  • In 2018, 42,441 babies were aborted

  • There is no requirement for counseling prior to the abortion to discuss the abortion-breast cancer link, the pain to the fetus and the negative psychological effects of abortion

  • There is no waiting period required for a women to consider other options

  • Parents of minors are given notice prior to an abortion, but consent is not required

Our goal is to protect the lives of women and unborn children in Illinois.

Single pregnant women who lack safe, stable housing feel that abortion is their only option.  Redeeming Life is a positive, pro-life maternity home that provides just-in-time resources to redeem the lives of women and babies.

How can you help?
  • Pray for the success of this expansion and spread the word about this new maternity home in Carpentersville throughout your faith and local community

  • Redeem the lives of women and babies with a gift to support the new Carpentersville home.

  • Consider becoming an Advocate for this expansion in your church and local community



To help support the new maternity home in Carpentersville, donate here or mail a gift marked for "Illinois" to:

Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries

P.O. Box 1496

Sanford, FL 32772-1496

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Pregnant Woman
Interested in hosting a fundraiser for Carpentersville?  Get ideas here.



Join us in prayer for the success of this expansion and that God will provide the right people and resources at the right time. We continue to lift this project to the Lord and seek His blessing and guidance.


Help the ministry expand its reach to serve and gather more resources.  Recruit individual advocates who will champion the new maternity home in their local spiritual community, recruit volunteer groups to help with the renovations, and distribute these printable flyers.


Will you consider fundraising within your church to help us open the new maternity home in Carpentersville? Please help us reach the funding goal and make this home a reality.


In order to redeem the lives of vulnerable pregnant women in Chicagoland, we need local advocates all over Illinois.  The local advocates help spread the word about the new Carpentersville maternity home in their churches, organizations and neighborhoods to reach pro-life supporters and ask for support. We have videos and materials to help local advocates build awareness, generate excitement, and share updates about this expansion project.

You're invited to watch a 15-min presentation on Redeeming Life's Advocate Program to learn more.  If you're ready to become an Advocate or have questions about the program, complete the form here.

I'd like to become an Advocate!

Thanks for submitting!

Advocate Resources


Please join us in prayer for the Carpentersville maternity home, the ministry, staff and volunteers, and the moms and babies who will be served there!


Dear Lord Jesus, you gave everything, even your life that I might live.  I Pray that you might use me to touch the lives of the most vulnerable, especially the unborn and their mothers.  I ask you to bless those who minister to them.  Bless the efforts of Redeeming Life and the Northern Illinois District, its staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers as they prepare to open a maternity home in Carpentersville.  Send your Spirit to build up and strengthen them, that their efforts are not in vain.  Guide and direct them to the home that you have already chosen and provide all that is needed to serve those who will live there.  AMEN



  • Share news and updates about Redeeming Life's maternity home expansion in Carpentersville, Illinois and the NID!  Download brochures and collateral from the links below.

  • Like and share our stories on Facebook

  • Connect us to a local pregnancy center for client referrals

  • Promote us within your church, pastoral team, small groups and LWML society

  • Invite us to participate in your life affirming events

  • Encourage volunteer groups to sign-up to help with the renovation


Brochures & Collateral Material

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  • Ask for a special offering in church, chapel or Sunday School or ask your members to donate online

  • Host a virtual and/or local baby bottle campaign fundraiser

  • Collect gift cards to provide food, personal hygiene items, diapers, baby supplies, and transportation to our residents

  • Request an in-the-box Angel Tree Fundraising Kit for Christmas or "Christmas in July"

  • Include us in your missions budget

  • Alert us to grants available in your church or district

  • Designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Redeeming Life

  • Designate us as your Amazon Smile charity

To give to this expansion project, donate here or mail a gift marked for "Illinois" to:

Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries

P.O. Box 1496

Sanford, FL 32772-1496



In early 2020, Redeeming Life was asked to expand its vision and open a new maternity home in the Chicagoland area.

The Life Task Force and Maternity Home Steering Committee of the Northern Illinois District (NID) along with LCEF asked to partner with Redeeming Life about opening a maternity home in the Chicagoland area.  The enthusiasm and vision of our brothers and sisters in the NID made this an ideal location to consider for our first expansion home. In order to help more at-risk women and babies, Redeeming Life expanded its vision to have a maternity home in every district of the LCMS, and Chicagoland was the place to begin.

The new maternity home expansion project began moving quickly with a few unexpected surprises along the way.

Early in the initial plans, the NID team received word that a home was being donated to use for this project.  With the solid infrastructure of Redeeming Life's maternity home program and time-tested policies and procedures, we would be open quickly.  The donated property did not materialize, but the partnership between the two ministries did not waiver.  Redeeming Life and the NID began actively working on expansion plans to open a second maternity home in the Chicagoland area, creating partnership opportunities for congregations in the NID to preserve life through a much-needed maternity home program.

As of December 2020, we had heard from 10 NID church families who "raised their hands" as potential partners for the new maternity home.

We prayed and asked, and God provided!  By December, we the RLOM Expansion Committee began working through the decision-making process to select a host congregation from ten great families.  In reality, each of the congregations has its own unique attributes and would make a great host church family.  We were overwhelmed and humbled by the all of the wonderful Pastors and congregations that have come forward and expressed their desire to become part of this expansion project.

By February 2021, we knew that God was leading us to partner with Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Dundee.

Immanuel Lutheran is a thriving congregation with many opportunities for residents to learn about Jesus and serve Him.  Under the spiritual care of Pastor Bill Yonker, we believe that Immanuel will make a lovely and welcoming church family.  Immanuel will provide spiritual support through worship, Bible Study and instruction classes to residents, and will love and accept the residents as dearly loved children of God.

The new maternity home will be located in Carpentersville, Illinois on the property of Faith Lutheran Church.

After months of prayer and careful consideration, we selected a parsonage on the property of Faith Lutheran Church that we believe will become a lovely and suitable maternity home once renovations and updates are complete.  The parsonage has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and sits on a gorgeous property, surrounded by trees and foliage.  The projected cost of the renovation is $100,000 to ready the property for use as a maternity home.

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Executive Director, Sheryl DeWitt, reacting to the news of the match!

Fundraising for Carpentersville was invigorated in February because of two anonymous donors who each challenged us to a $20,000 match!

It began with one generous, anonymous donor in the NID offering a $20,000 match in February to raise funds for Carpentersville from from Feb. 23 through April 30.  Then, a second anonymous donor offered an additional $20,000 match, and the response was overwhelming!  Thanks to all of our wonderful church partners, friends, supporters and the two anonymous donors, we raised over $80,000 in 66 days for the Carpentersville Maternity Home!


This is all possible because of generous people with a heart for women and children in crisis.  Together we will share the love of Christ and redeem these vulnerable families in Illinois, Florida and beyond.


The success of this expansion project and the progress made this far would not be possible if it wasn't for our wonderful friends and the gift of their time and talents.  We thank every individual involved from the NID Life Task Force, the Maternity Home Expansion Committee, LCEF, and the entire staff of Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries.


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To give to this expansion project, donate here or mail a gift marked for "Illinois" to:

Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries

P.O. Box 1496

Sanford, FL 32772-1496