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Raising Mothers

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Traditionally in the US, Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May.  On the surface, the majority of the world likes to celebrate their moms and thank them for their tireless job.  Motherhood is a revered title and is associated with love, wisdom and sacrifice.


Raising mothers with a little girl kissing pregnant belly
I love mom!

Over time, society has redefined the role of motherhood and each of our experiences provides our definition of what a mother is.   In most cases we follow the example we were given as a child.  An article in Psychology today discusses the many affects of absent or unloving mothers.  As mentioned in the article we tend to be drawn to what we know—those situations which, while they make us unhappy in the end, are nonetheless “comfortable” because they are familiar to us.   Therefore these behaviors tend to carry over to our adult relationships.

At Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, we have seen time and time again that the women that come through our maternity home did not have the best role model.  They are tainted by the lack of love, support, guidance and protection.  One of our goals is to educate and love these women toward redefining their definition so that the cycle does not continue.

Relationships rooted in Christ and love will begin the healing process and change the future for these women and her child.  As Proverbs 31 describes, “a mother’s child will rise up and call her blessed; she will not sit idle and she will watch over the affairs of her household.”

Our staff at RLOM provides guidance to women so they learn how to plan a budget, learn the balance of work and childrearing, and stay in the Word to guide them through life.  Maintaining strong, God-filled relationships with good role models can help eliminate the social issues that accompany unplanned pregnancies.

You, too, can play a role with helping single moms.  Invite them to interact with your family, invite them to dinner, provide advice, show them love.  If you’d like to support our ministry, please contact us and ask us how you can help with your time, prayers or monetary support.

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