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Serving on the Front Line

Since 2013, Redeeming Life Maternity Home has ministered to countless numbers of single, pregnant women and their babies. Even though each woman differs in culture, level of education and life history, each comes with this one thing in common: she is desperate to find a way to escape the life she felt trapped in and create a better life for herself and her baby. Acceptance into Redeeming Life is not only “the escape” they are looking for, but also the catalyst of change they need to transform their lives from the darkness of chaos into the light of stability.

“Redeeming Life is the light I was looking for. I was in such a dark place and wanted to give up. I was able to see a small light from Redeeming Life that continues to expand.”

- quote from a current resident

On the day of arrival, most new residents will readily admit that they are willing to do “whatever it takes” to make a better life for themselves and their baby. However, most are unprepared for the hard life changes that await them in the days to come. Some meet these challenges with hopeful optimism. Others with tears, anger and resentment, as years of poor choices come to light and are dealt with, and new ways of thinking are introduced. No matter the reaction, the residents quickly learn that the staff will always speak the truth to them in love, and stand beside them as they work through each and every challenge as it presents itself.

The people on the “front line” at Redeeming Life consider it an honor and a privilege to serve and minister to these beautiful children of God. Days can be long. Nights can be longer. But what makes it all worthwhile is to watch the transformation in the women as they blossom into loving caring mothers, touched by the love of Jesus, prepared to meet the challenge of raising their child.

Sheryl DeWitt, founder and Executive Director of Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, summed it up beautifully when she recently remarked, “… It can be extremely hard, but she (the mom) and her baby are worth it. Love is messy but oh so rewarding.”

Very few people are called to work on the front line at the maternity home. Some are called to support the ministry and may not be visible at all. No matter which position you are called to serve in, everyone shares in the blessing of saving lives two at a time.

As we continue to fulfill our calling from God to reach these desperate pregnant women with the love of Jesus, WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE. We need your help!

First, we ask that you support Redeeming Life with your prayers and cover the mothers and babies in the home, the staff, and volunteers. We know that it is because of the many prayers offered on our behalf, that the miracle of changed lives occurs.

Second, if it is within your power to support Redeeming Life Maternity Home financially, we would ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to redeem the lives of single mothers and their unborn children. To read a story about one of our current residents and the impact Redeeming Life has made on her life, please visit

Thank you for supporting this ministry in both visible and invisible ways! We are grateful for the Lord’s army of special friends and partners that make this ministry possible every single day.

Redeeming Life is a Christ-centered maternity home that provides a stable environment for single women with unplanned pregnancies. Our structured program provides mentoring, counseling and life skills education to help them become independent and provide for their children as single mothers.

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