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Tower Garden Fun

Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 8:50PM

Have you ever seen a tower garden?  These towers are amazing works of art that sustain plant life! We're learning all about how to plant and care for a variety of produce, but we blessed to have a fantastic green-thumb friend who is taking good care of us as we learn.

This tower garden was a donation we received from someone very special to RLOM, Ms. Merry Kay Nielsen. Ms. Merry Kay is the mother of a former resident of the maternity home, Caroline, and grandmother to Max. She comes to check on us and the garden about once a month and even brings us extra greens from her own garden, since ours is just starting out.

Tending to the garden is fun and we're always eager to see how our produce is doing (did I mention we're just learning!)  It also helps save money on fresh produce, teaches us to find interesting and different recipes, and inspires us to eat healthy.

Many thanks to Merry Kay Nielsen and her ongoing support of the RLOM family! 


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